Transparent two component anti corrosive flexible protective epoxy for furniture, artefacts & floor.


  1. Have you noticed Scratches and Abrasions on the surface of your furniture?
  2.  Metal components such as furniture cab rust
    and corrode without anti-corrosive protection.

Presenting Star Epoxy Clear - To prevent corrosion and resist furniture from chemicals and water

Star Epoxy Clear is a premium transparent epoxy shield designed for a variety of applications including furniture, artifacts and flooring. It enhance the beauty of surface and provide a robust protection from corrosion, rust and chemicals.  This Shield has properties of protecting against the corrode which makes it suitable for metallic components that are easy to crack under pressure and at the same time can easily adapt to any movement due to its elasticity. It protects surfaces being scratched as well as exposure to water, various kind of acids or salts thus lengthening their life time. Easy to apply and highly durable, Star Epoxy clear is the perfect solution for maintaining the aesthetic and structural integrity of your valuable items and spaces

  • Crystal Clear Finish

    Star Epoxy Clear provides a transparent, glossy coating that highlights the natural texture and colours of the underlying material. This enhance the aesthetics of furniture or wooden and metal surfaces

  • Durable Protection

    It offers a robust protection against scratches, stains, and general wear and tear, preserving the surface’s condition over time. It provides a tough barrier that can withstand impacts and heavy foot traffic, preventing
    dents and chips.

  • Anti-Corrosive Properties

    Star Epoxy Clear acts as a barrier against moisture and air, which are primary causes of rust and corrosion. The anti-corrosive properties of Star Epoxy Clear ensures that metal parts maintain their structural integrity and
    appearance over many years.

  • Flexibility

    The Flexible nature of Star Epoxy Shield allows it to be bend and stretch without cracking, accommodating the natural expansion and contraction
    of materials due to temperature and humidity changes.

  • Moisture Resistance

    Star Epoxy Clear creates an impermeable barrier that prevents water and moisture from penetrating the surface. Thus it helps for preventing water damage, such as warping, swelling and rot in wooden items.

  • Chemical Resistance

    The chemical-resistant properties of Star Epoxy Clear make it highly
    resistant to spills from household chemicals, cleaning agents and other potentially damaging substances. This ensure that surfaces do not get stained
    or eroded by chemical exposure.

Unique Selling Proposition USP

Star Epoxy Clear is the best answer one could think of when it comes to creating a clear, flexible and anti-rust epoxy coat; it is unrivaled. It is transparent and enhances the originality of any given surface hence can be used in making furniture as well as applying over floorings.- Unlike other transparent finishes which crack with every minor environmental change now or then, this one is different in such a way that the coat remains uncracked because Star Epoxy Clear has an unmatched flexibility that can allow it to tolerate small movements environmentally. Additionally its anti-corrosive properties ensure long-lasting protection against rust and other forms of degradations, particularly on metal surfaces. This combination of aesthetic enhancement and robust protection makes Star Epoxy Clear the go-to choice of maintaining and preserving the integrity and appearance of valuable items and


Star Epoxy Clear is supplied in 15, 30 litre containers.

  • Star Epoxy Clear works by combining two key ingredients: Epoxy resin and a hardener. When mixed together, these components undergo a chemical reaction that transform the liquid mixture into a solid, durable coating. This process called polymerization,
    creates a strong and flexible network that adheres firmly to surfaces like
    wood, metal, or concrete. When the epoxy cures and hardens, it transforms into a clear, glossy layer that does not only enhance the beauty of the surface naturally, but also offers strong protection whereby it acts as a shield against moisture, air and chemicals that may cause rust, corrosion or physical damages like scratches or impacts.

    It also keeps out water, which can problems like warping or mold growth, and resist damage from household chemicals and spills. The end result is a surface looks great
    and stays protected for a long time, making Star Epoxy Clear a versatile and
    reliable choice for a wide range of application.

    • Furniture Flooring
    • Kitchen Drawers
    • Artefacts Flooring
    • 3D Floor
    • Wooden Floors
    • Wooden Crafts
  • Surface Preparation

    Clean the surface thoroughly to remove any dirt, grease, oil, or rust. Use a suitable cleaner if necessary.

  • Protect industrial roofs with Star Water Seal - Industrial: Ideal for internal, and external applications.


    1. Mix the Star Epoxy Clear thoroughly before application to ensure even consistency and waterproofing agents
    2. Use a brush, roller or sprayer to apply the first coat of paint. Make sure to cover the surface evenly, paying special attention to corners, edges and joints
  • Application

    Let the first coat dry completely up to 24 hours. This can vary based on temperature and humidity and conditions.

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  • catalogue

    Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

FAQS Related to Star Epoxy Clear

1. What surface can Star Epoxy Clear be Applied to?

Star Epoxy Clear can be applied to a variety of surfaces including wood,
metal, concrete, tile, stone, and more. It is deal for furniture, artifacts,
countertops, flooring, and outdoor items.

2. Is Star Epoxy Clear safe to use indoors?

Yes, Star Epoxy Clear is safe for indoors use. However, ensure the area
is well-ventilated during the application and curing to avoid inhaling fumes

3. How long does it takes for epoxy Star Epoxy Clear to cure?

The curing time can vary based on the product formulation and environmental conditions.

4. Is Star Epoxy Clear resistant to UV light?

Yes, Star Epoxy Clear is formulated to be UV-resistant, which helps prevent yellowing and maintains the clarity and gloss of the finish over time.