Star Smart Paint Interior

Star Smart Paint Interior is an innovative, high-quality interior paint designed to provide a beautiful, durable finish while offering advanced features like easy application and enhanced performance. This smart paint is formulated to offer excellent coverage, quick drying times, and a variety of modern finishes that cater to the needs of both residential and commercial interiors. It is perfect for creating aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces with minimal effort.

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  • Aesthetic Appeal

    Provides a beautiful, smooth finish that brings color and sophistication to any interior room.

  • Easy Maintenance

    Washable surface lives up to its promise of easy cleaning for utmost convenience, particularly in areas with children or pets.

  • Health and Safety

    With anti-microbial properties, for a healthy environment.

  • Time and Cost Efficiency

    Great hiding and quick drying time cut down on the total amount of paint needed and shorten the time needed to complete the job.

  • Versatility

    Works well on most interior surfaces; hence it becomes an all-purpose choice for many applications.

  • Environmental Considerations

    Low VOC assures minimum impact on the environment and ensures healthier indoors.

  • Residential Buildings

    Bedrooms, living rooms, home theaters, and nurseries.

  • Commercial Spaces

    Offices, conference rooms, call centers, and retail stores.

  • Studios

    Recording studios, music practice rooms, and home studios.

  • Public Buildings

    Schools, hospitals, libraries, and auditoriums.

  • Industrial Settings

    Machinery rooms, workshops, and factories

  • Surface Preparation

    Clean the Surface: The surface must be clean, dry, and free from dust, grease, and any loose or peeling paint.

    Repair Imperfections: Fill all cracks, holes, or imperfections with a suitable filler and sand smooth.

    Prime if Necessary:
    Apply primer on new, bare, or porous surfaces to be painted for better adhesion and firmness in the tone of the finish.

  • Installation

    Stir Thoroughly: Mix Star Smart Paint well to ensure an even consistency.

    Apply with Good Quality Brushes, Rollers, or Spray Guns:
    Depending on the surface and area of coverage, use a top-quality brush, roller, or spray gun.

    First Coat:
    Apply evenly from top to bottom. Allow it to dry completely; this is important for surfaces. The drying time will typically be between 2 to 4 hours.

    Second Coat: A second coat offers better coverage and a more consistent finish in color. Allow it to dry thoroughly before finishing.

  • Finishing

    Inspect the surface: Check upon those places that you might have left unattended or if the paint is flawed at certain places. Touch it up if necessary.

    Clean equipment:
    Brushes, rollers or spray equipment need to be cleaned with water immediately after use.

Unique Selling Points (USP)

Advanced technology :Advanced technology with stain resistance, anti-microbial properties, and ease of cleanability.
Excellent coverage: so it saves on the number of coats to be applied and gives good, even coverage.
Fast Drying: It dries out quite quickly, which allows projects to be finished much faster and reduces downtime to a minimum.
Low Odor: With the low odor in this formulation, it will ensure comfort for application and to live with during and after application.
Durable Finish: Offers long-lasting protection against normal wear and tear.

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