What is Star Fabric Shield?

Star Fabric Shield is a specialised coating that offers superior protection for various fabric surfaces. It effectively shields fabrics from stains, water, and wear, ensuring longevity and preserving their original appearance. Star Fabric Shield enhances the durability and performance of fabrics, making it an essential treatment for both residential and commercial applications. It prevents moisture penetration, repels dirt, and reduces fading, thus maintaining the integrity and appearance of fabric surfaces.

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We are introducing Star Fabric Shield, the ultimate solution for protecting your fabrics. Whether you're looking to preserve the appearance and texture of your furniture, clothing, or any other fabric surface, this innovative product offers unparalleled protection and durability.

Star Fabric Shield stands out from other fabric protectors due to its advanced nanotechnology-based formula. This coating creates an invisible barrier on the fabric surface, preventing stains and repelling water without altering the texture or breathability of the material. You can use it on a wide range of fabric types, from delicate silks to rugged outdoor fabrics, due to its incredibly versatile nature.

One of the standout features of the Star Fabric Shield is its long-lasting durability. Unlike other fabric protectors that require frequent reapplication, this product offers long-term protection, saving you time and money on maintenance.

But the benefits don't stop there. By using Star Fabric Shield, you can also enjoy enhanced fabric performance. This product helps fabrics resist wear and tear, extending their lifespan and maintaining their original appearance.

When using Star Fabric Shield, it is crucial to follow proper application procedures to ensure optimal results. Our team of experts is available to guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

Invest in the best for your fabrics—choose Star Fabric Shield. Its outstanding performance, durability, and protective capabilities make it the ideal solution for any fabric protection project. Don't let stains, water damage, or wear and tear ruin your fabrics. Today, protect them with the Star Fabric Shield!

  • Repels Water and Stains

    The Star Fabric Shield offers a durable barrier which repels both water and stains in the fabric; thus, keeping the fibres clean and dry.

  • Invisible Barrier

    It forms an invisible barrier of protection, which does not affect the appearance, feel, or breathability of the fibres.

  • Long-Lasting Protection

    This product offers protection that ensures there are fewer needs to apply it as time goes by.

  • Enhanced Fabric Durability

    It strengthens fabrics to make them more resistant to wear and tear.

  • Easy Application

    It is simple to apply, ensuring a hassle-free process that delivers professional resultIt is easy to apply and guarantees a hassle-free process with professional results.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    Eco-friendly in its ingredients, it ensures a safe and reliable solution for fabric protection.


  • Advanced Nanotechnology

    We are utilising cutting-edge nanotechnology to achieve superior protection without compromising fabric quality.

  • Long-Term Durability

    The product is designed to provide long-lasting protection, reducing the need for frequent reapplication.

  • Invisible Protection

    We maintain the original appearance and feel of fabrics while providing strong protection.

  • Eco-Friendly Composition

    Formulated with environmentally friendly ingredients, it promotes sustainable practices.

  • Upholstery

  • Curtains and drapes

  • Clothing

  • Outdoor fabrics

  • Car interiors

  • Carpets and rugs

  • Prepare the Surface

    The fabric surface must be clean and free from dust or dirt. Proper surface preparation is essential for optimum adhesion and performance.

  • Apply the Coating

    Star Fabric Shield should be evenly spray-applied to the fabric surface with a gentle sweeping motion to ensure even coverage.

  • Work the Coating

    Use a soft brush or cloth to work the coating into the fabric, ensuring thorough penetration of the fabric.

  • Allow to Dry

    Allow the coated fabric to dry for the recommended time period as specified in the product instructions. This will ensure optimum performance.

  • Proper Surface Preparation

    The fabric surface should be dust-free, clean, dry, and free from any contaminants before coating.

  • Follow Application Instructions

    Follow carefully all instructions on application to ensure good coverage and adhesion.

  • Allow for Proper Drying Time

    Allow it to dry thoroughly before using your fabric.

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