Star Cement Shield - Strength

The Star Cement Shield is a high-strength cementitious anchoring and grouting system suitable for a wide range of construction and industrial applications. Its impressive compressive, bond, shear, and tensile strengths make it a reliable choice for securing structural elements and performing critical repairs. Proper application and curing are essential to maximize its performance and ensure long-term durability.

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  • Structural Repairs

    • Ideal for repairing cracks and structural defects in concrete and masonry structures.
    • Provides reinforcement to compromised structures, restoring their integrity.
  • Anchor Grouting

    • Used for grouting anchors, bolts, and rebar in concrete and masonry substrates.
    • Ensures secure and long-lasting anchorage for various construction elements.
  • Industrial Installations

    • Suitable for securing heavy machinery, equipment bases, and structural supports.
    • Provides stability and vibration resistance for industrial applications.
  • Infrastructure Projects

    • Widely used in bridges, tunnels, dams, and other infrastructure projects requiring high-strength anchoring solutions.
  • Surface Preparation

    Clean and prepare the surface to remove debris, grease, and loose materials.

  • Grout Injection

    Inject Star Cement Shield into cracks, voids, or cavities using pressure grouting techniques to ensure complete filling and bonding.

  • Rebar Encasement

    Encase reinforcement bars (rebar) with Star Cement Shield to protect against corrosion and enhance structural strength.

  • Formwork Reinforcement

    Apply Star Cement Shield between formwork and concrete surfaces to create a stronger bond and minimize voids.

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  • catalogue

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