Star Floor Paint 

Star Floor Paint provides style combined with durability, thereby making your floors look astounding but adding an extra layer of protection to them. It's a very flexible paint, recommended for many surfaces, and it provides that glossy, vibrant finish that decorates and protects from wear and tear.

Be it a touch of class or some charming feel, Star Floor Paint is your way to go for great floors that will last long.

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  • Floors can often look dull and become susceptible to damage due to algae, fungi, and everyday wear.  
  • Many existing floor paints lack the durability needed to withstand high-traffic areas and can fade quickly, making floors look unattractive and unclean.  
  • The challenge is finding paint that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your floors and offers lasting protection. 
  • High Gloss Finish 

    Star Floor Paint provides a high gloss finish that gives any floor a sleek, polished look, beautifying the total appearance of your home.

  • Abrasion Resistance 

    This paint is specially formulated to bear heavy foot and automobile traffic and is highly abradable, thereby providing long-lasting durability.

  • Easy Application 

    The ease of application of this paint enables even people who are not experienced in this field to produce an extremely professional finish with not much time and effort required in the process.

  • UV Resistant 

    UV resistance ensures that the floors remain great looking since there is resistance to fading and degrading from the UV rays exposure.

  • Water and Dust Resistant 

    This layer protects both water and dust from reaching by repelling them and hence provides easy cleaning and maintenance of the floor.

  • Wide Range of Colours 

    It is available in many beautiful colors that can give a good match to any home decor style and enhance the beauty of your space.

  • Enhanced Aesthetics  

    Transforms dull, flat floors into radiant, high-gloss surfaces that showcase the best of any room.

  • Durability  

    Protects against daily wear and tear, ensuring your floors stay beautiful and intact for years. 

  • Easy Maintenance 

    Protects daily wear and tear, thus keeping your floors beautiful and intact for long years. 

  • Protection Against Elements 

    Smooth, glossy finish allows for easier cleaning, putting less effort into cleaning the floor.

  • Cost-Effective  

    Gives long-lasting results for the paint job and repairs, hence saving on money in the long run.

  • Quick Drying 

    It allows quick drying times to keep the downtime at a minimum, allowing busy households to use it conveniently.

USP of Star Floor Paint 

Innovative Formula

Specially formulated to combine beauty and functionality, providing an outstanding finish that lasts. 


Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) content makes it an environmentally friendly choice that is safe for indoor use. 

Versatile Application 

It is suitable for a variety of surfaces, including cement tiles, plain cement surfaces, terrace floors, walkways, and driveways. 

Professional Quality 

Offers a professional-grade finish that enhances both residential and commercial spaces with ease. 

  • Cement tiles 

  • Plain cement surfaces 

  • Terrace floors 

  • Walkways

  •  Driveways

  •  Garage floors 

  • Discover durable waterproofing with Star Water Seal - Industrial: Crack-bridging, UV resistant.

      Surface Preparation

    Clean the Surface: Thoroughly clean the floor to remove any dirt, dust, or grease. 

    Remove Loose Particles: Use a spray to remove any loose dust from the surface.

     Scrub the Surface: Employ a high-quality wire brush to remove algae, fungi, and moss. 

  • Learn about the benefits and application methods of Star Water Seal - Industrial: Waterproofing compound.


    Self-Priming Coat: Apply a self-priming coat by diluting the paint with 30-40% water. 

    First Coat: Wait 6-7 hours, then apply the first coat of Star Floor Paint, diluted with water to achieve a brushable consistency. 

    Second Coat: After the first coat dries, apply a second coat for optimal coverage and finish. 

  • Curing

    Drying Time: Ensure no foot traffic for 48 hours to allow the paint to cure and harden fully. 

    Final Inspection: Check the surface for any touch-ups or additional coats if necessary.

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  • catalogue

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Can Star Floor Paint be used on outdoor surfaces? 

 Yes, Star Floor Paint is designed for indoor and outdoor use, providing excellent durability and protection against the elements. 

How long does it take for Star Floor Paint to dry?:  

The paint typically dries to the touch within 6-7 hours, but full curing takes approximately 48 hours. 

Is Star Floor Paint eco-friendly? 


Yes, our paint has a low VOC content, making it safe for the environment and indoor use. 

Can I apply Star Floor Paint myself, or do I need a professional?  

Star Floor Paint is designed for easy application, so you can achieve professional results with minimal effort. 

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