Star Enamel Shield

Star Enamel Shield is a top-rated enamel formulated to provide advanced protection and a hard, glossy finish to a variety of surfaces. The enamel slight chip resistance, resistance to fading, and wear work well on both interior and exterior surfaces. It provides excellent adhesion, good coverage, and long-lasting color retention.

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  • Metal Surfaces

    Metal furniture, railings, gates, and machinery.

  • Wood Surfaces

    Wood doors, windows, mill works, and furniture.

  • Concrete and Masonry

    Concrete floors, walls, and other concrete masonry surfaces.

  • Plastic Surfaces

    Plastic furniture and fixtures.

  • Automotive Applications

    Perfect for touch-ups and protective coating on vehicles.

  • Preparation

    The surface should be free from dust, grease rust, and old paints.
    Lightly sand the surface for proper adhesion. For metal surfaces, remove rust and where necessary, apply a suitable primer. The surface should be dry and free from dust before application.

  • Application

    Stir Well: Star Enamel Shield should be stirred well to ensure its consistency in the mixture is even.
    Apply with Good Quality Brushes Roller or Spray Gun:Depending Upon the Surface and Area to be Covered.
    First Coat :Apply thin even coat. The entire surface should be covered. Do not overload the brush or roller. Let it dry completely. Usually, 4-6 hours.
    Second Coat :Apply the second coat for better protection and uniform finish. Let it dry thoroughly.

  • Drying and Curing

    Allow this final coat to cure, following the manufacturer's recommendations; usually 24-48 hours before returning the surface to normal activities or exposure

Unique Selling Points (USP)

Durability: Offers chipping, fading, and wear protection of long durability.
Glossy Finish: gives the finishing of the surface an expressive, smooth, and glossy look.
Excellent Adhesion: It has good adhesion to a wide range of substrates and ensures a tough, durable coating.
UV Resistant : The color doesn't fade.
Easy Apply: Formulated to provide the easy application and smoothness that requires less pressure to be applied.
Flexibility: Works well on a variety of substrates, from metals and wood to concrete and plastics.

  • Enhanced Surface Protection

    Protects surfaces from environmental damage, wear, and tear.

  • Aesthetic Appeal

    It offers high gloss and a professional finish, giving every surface an excellent appearance.

  • Cost-Effective Maintenance

    Eliminate frequent painting; save money and time used in touch-ups.

  • Improved Durability

    It extends the coated surface's lifespan with excellent barrier protection.

  • Ease of Use

    Suitable for professionals and DIY usage with straightforward application procedures.

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  • catalogue

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