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Anti fade UV resistant exterior paint

Star Smart Paint - Exterior

Anti Fade UV Resistant Exterior Paint

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How Star Smart Exterior Paints are better than Traditional Paints?

Paint is time-consuming process as one needs to get primer done and let it dry but Star Smart Paint is directly applied on walls due to its binding agents and strong adhesion. It has unique quality of offering smooth and uniform finish even without the use of primer.

What is Star Smart Exterior paint?

best exterior wall paint near me
  • Terrace cooling paint

    Dust Resistant 

    It Resists dust and gives fresh new look

  • Elastomeric Waterproofing Coating

    Shine and brightness

    Star smart paint is formulated with advanced technology which does not allow paint to fade even after several years.

  • Cool Coating for floor


    It is a thick paint that does not require primer.

  • High Albedo Paint

    Hassle free

    Fast drying and beingPrimer-less benefits add another benefit of reducing hassle in many ways and gives speed to regular functioning.

  • Heat Reflective Coating


    It repels water andleaves no room fonoroom for waterproofing issues.

  • Cool Coating for floor


    Its unique benefit is that it dries quickly that provides more comfort to the user.

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UV resistant

UV Resistant

Star Smart Paint is UV resistant and saves walls from fading while keeping them as shiny as before.

self cleanable nature

Dust Resistant

  • Star Smart paint is prepared with Dust shield technology that keeps the walls free from dust and with fresh appearance.
  • Star Smart Paint is dust repellent and does not permit dust to stick on it. Moreover, every rain offers a fresh and new look to coated surface.
rich and abundant lustre look for exterior walls

Intelligent Paint

  • Star Smart Paint not only looks good and glossy, but it also solves critical problems along with great looks.
  • Star Smart Paint not only gives it looks but also provides a Rich and Abundant Lustre.
best for wet walls application

Wet Walls Application

  • After waterproofing you don't need to wait for walls to dry completely.
  • With Star Smart Paint you can paint on the mild wet walls without wasting your time
  • unique paint for exterior walls

    Traditional Paint

  • smart paint for saving time and money

    Star Smart Paint

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  • Elastomeric


    • Star Smart paint has elastomeric properties which allow to stretch itself as per the change in temperature (expansion, contraction).
    • This flexibility leaves no scope for new cracks, and it even fills the hairline cracks smoothly.
  • scrub resistant


    No more tension with Stains!!!

    • Star Smart Paint is Stain & Scrub Resistant, it can be cleaned easily & can shield itself with minor Scratch and scrub as well.
  • strong adhesion


    Star Smart Paint adhere strongly onto the substrate due tocross linking and the enhanced adhesionkeeps the paint in-fact for long period even in harsh atmospheric conditions.

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best colours for exterior walls
  • primer less interior paint

    Star Smart Paint - Interior

  • stain and scrub resistant wall paint

    Star Stain Shield

  • mosquito repellent wall paint

    Star Mosquito Shield

  • glossy and tough exterior paint

    Star Gloss Shield

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How is Star Smart Paint different from other paints?

Star Smart Paint is tough and shiny paint that does not need Primer.

Does Star Smart paint solve the problem of dampness also?

Star Smart Paint is Hydrophobic and repels water and resolves the problem of dampness.

Cracks are common problems in painted walls. Does Star Smart Paint solve this issue?

Yes, Cracks are commonly seen in painted walls but Star Smart Paint has elastomeric properties which
reduce the happening of cracks.

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