mild acid resistant coating

Star Acid Shield

Mild acid resistant coating

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  • highly protective acid shield
    • In any industry, gases, solvent, acid, salts are used which can be harmful for the substrate and environment both.
    • You require highly protective paint that could allow safe and consistent functioning in the presence of chemicals in industry
  • saves from degradation
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  • mild acid resistant coating




saves from damage
  • Cool Coating for floor


    Star Acid Shield resists chemicals and provides protection from the harshest of substances.

  • High Albedo Paint


    Star Acid Shield fights against the scratches and abrasion which are normal to occur in any machine.

  • Solar Panel Coating


    Star Acid Shield acts as barrier between the moisture and substrate and prevents corrosion to occur.

  • Cool Roof Coating


    Star Acid Shield is highly effective to win over the effects of acid on substrate. It safeguards the substrate against acid leakage effects.

  • Terrace cooling paint


    Star Acid Shield which has great chemical and acid resistance renders safety to substrate and surrounding.

  • High Heat Resistance Coating, Solar Reflective Coating


    Star Acid Shield reduces the possibility of spending money on regular maintenance.

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corossion resistant

Corrosion Resistant

Star Acid Shield offersrust protection and lubricating benefits.It protects metal against degradation due to moisture and exposure to industrial chemicals.

levelling properties which offers smooth finish

Levelling Properties

Levelling properties of Star Acid Shield offer a smooth finish when applied and enhance the appearance.   

improved productivity and functionality

Improved Productivity and Functionality

Star Acid Shield refrains the machine and substrate from the harsh environment of the industry and contributes to improving the functioning and productivity of machines.


Chemical reaction in harsh industry environment affects both the quality and performance of the metal. Star Acid Shield strongly resists chemicals and safeguard the substrate. 

  • chemical resistant
  • mild acid resistant coating


  • durable paint

    Metal Surface

  • best acid shield in India


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chemical resistant


Formulations of " STAR ACID SHIELD" prioritize environmental consciousness by being free from harmful substances or volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Environmentally friendly coatings are essential in reducing the ecological impact and supporting sustainable practices.

corossion resistant


Star Acid Shield triggers low maintenance and becomes an economical option. The use of "Star Acid Shield" can be a cost-effective solution in the long run. By protecting materials from acid-related degradation, it reduces maintenance and replacement costs, increasing the overall lifespan of the treated surfaces.

best acid shield near me

Increased Durability

Star Acid Shield offers a protective layer to the substrate which saves it from degradation and damage and extends its durability.

  • improved productivity

    Generator Rooms  

  • best acid shield in India

    Battery Rooms

  • low maintenance

    Chemical Processing

  • safety and protection for metal surfaces and flooring

    Acid Storage Room

  • environmental friendly shield

    Industry Plants

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  • increased durability


  • low maintenance


  • Mild acid resistant coating


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  • Terrace cooling paint


  • Terrace cooling paint

    Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

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  • corrosion resistant coating

    Star Metal Shield 

  • best paint for wood

    Star Wood Shield 

  • stain resistant hydrophobic coating

    Star Glass Shield 

  • Best lamination paint near me

    Star Lamination Shield

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How is Star Acid Shield different from other normal paints?

Star Acid shield is exclusively for industry use where acid and chemicals are likely to affect the environment. 

Can Star Acid Shield prevent corrosion?

Star Acid Shield is Corrosion resistant and prevents rust to occur which in turn improves the quality of metal.

Is Star Acid Shield safe to use?

Star Acid Shield increases safety and protection even in the harsh environment as it is Chemical and Acid resistant.

How does Star Acid Shield work?

Star Acid Shield forms a barrier on the surface that prevents acids from corroding or damaging the material.

What types of surfaces can Star Acid Shield be applied to?

Star Acid Shield can be applied to various surfaces, including metal, concrete, wood, and certain plastics.

Is Star Acid Shield resistant to all types of acids?

Star Acid Shield provides protection against a wide range of acids, but its effectiveness may vary depending on the specific acid involved.

Can Star Acid Shield be used in outdoor applications?

Star Acid Shield is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, offering protection against acid rain and other environmental factors.

Does it require any special surface preparation?

It is recommended to properly clean and prepare the surface before applying Star Acid Shield to ensure optimal adhesion and performance.

How long does it last?

The longevity of Star Acid Shield depends on various factors such as exposure conditions and maintenance, but it is designed to provide long-lasting protection.

Can it be applied by non-professionals?

While it is possible for non-professionals to apply Star Acid Shield, it is generally recommended to have it applied by trained and experienced individuals for best results.

Can it be used on food-contact surfaces?

Star Acid Shield is not intended for use on surfaces that come into direct contact with food or beverages.

How should Star Acid Shield be maintained?

Regular cleaning and inspection of the painted surface are recommended to ensure the integrity of the coating. Any damaged areas should be repaired promptly to maintain the protective properties.