What is Star Interior Emulsion?

Star Interior Emulsion is a high-quality paint formulated to achieve a refined and sleek appearance on interior walls and ceilings. This innovative emulsion paint offers exceptional coverage, longevity, and ease of cleaning, guaranteeing a visually appealing interior for an extended period. Suitable for use in residential and commercial settings, Star Interior Emulsion elevates the visual charm of your environments and provides strong defense against stains and damage.

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Star Interior Emulsion is the ultimate solution to enhance and protect your interior. The emulsion guarantees a silky, velvety finish that accentuates every portion of the interiors, from living rooms to bedrooms and offices.

Star Interior paint is formulated with sophisticated paint technology for excellent coverage and hiding. Deep pigmentation provides bright, long-lasting colors that remain fresh and look attractive for a longer time period. Moreover, it is made to be highly washable so that its perfect look could be easily maintained with less effort.

Star Interior Emulsion focuses on strength, with special emphasis on durability. The paint is formulated to fight the common household stains so that it easily deals with high-traffic areas and active households. With its strong formula, protection against daily use will ensure the beauty of your walls is maintained and strong protection observed.

The Star Interior Emulsion is easy to apply due to its smooth, spreadable consistency. That's why it's perfect for professional painters and DIY people who want an easy application process and brilliant results delivered.

All the more reason to choose Star Interior Emulsion for that smart look and long-lasting protection inside your premises. This is one such emulsion that strikes the perfect balance between good looks and high performance.

  • Smooth, Velvety Finish

    The product offers a luxurious finish that elevates the elegance of interior spaces, fostering a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

  • Excellent Coverage

    Formulated for high washability to ensure that cleaning and maintenance are hassle-free and resistant to stains and wear.

  • Washable and Durable

    Engineered to facilitate high washability, enabling effortless cleaning and maintenance, while also providing resistance to stains and wear.

  • Rich Pigmentation

    Deep, bright colors that stay rich and lovely for years add beauty and enhance the visual appeal of any space.

  • Eco-Friendly Formula

    Developed with low volatile organic compound content, this product ensures safety both for users and the environment without compromising high quality.

  • Easy Application

    Product flows smooth and spreadable; easy to apply and achieve professional results.

  • Advanced Color Technology

    This product is made with advanced pigment technology that brings rich, long-lasting colors complimenting the beauty of every interior.

  • Long-Lasting Protection

    The product provides a tough shield that resists stains and daily wear to keep your walls looking new for a longer period.

  • Low VOC and Odor

    This product contains reduced volatile organic compounds—healthier for interior environments and reduces odor during applications.

  • Fast Drying Time

    Quick drying time allows projects to be completed rapidly with much less interference in your daily schedule.

  • Elegant Matte Finish

    This product has an elegant finish that is non-reflective to give a luxurious feel to any room.

  • Wide Color Selection

    It is available in a large variety of colors to match versatile decor and a host of individual tastes, letting your imagination run wild.

  • Living rooms

  • Bedrooms

  • Kitchens

  • Offices

  • Hallways

  • Dining rooms

  • Surface Preparation

    The process must start with a good cleaning of the surface from inside. The surface should be free from dirt, grease, or flaking paint. Then, fill in the cracks and blemishes with filler and sand it smooth.

  • Priming

    Apply a primer to the surface if it is new or has been heavily patched. This provides a smooth and even base for the emulsion paint.

  • Mixing the Paint

    Always stir the paint well to ensure consistent flow and color.

  • Application Tools

    A good quality brush, roller or spray gun is recommended for best results. It is recommended that the paint be applied in thin, even layers for best finish.

  • First Coat

    Apply the first coat evenly and allow it to dry completely. This ensures complete coverage of the substrate prior to the application of further coats.

  • Second Coat

    However, the finish is best if a second coat is added over the first one. This will not only enhance the color, but also increase the durability of the paint.

  • Proper Ventilation

    The room should be well ventilated during and after painting to enable the paint to dry up faster, and it will also avoid fumes from being inhaled.

  • Protective Measures

    Protective clothing, gloves, and masks should be worn to avoid skin contact and inhalation of paint fumes.

  • Weather Conditions

    Avoid painting in very high humidity or at temperatures that are extremely high or low so that the paint dries properly.

  • Safe Storage

    Store the paint in a cool and dry place, out of direct sunlight where children and pets cannot reach it.

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