What is Star Water Seal 2k +?

Star Water Seal 2K + is a nano-modified, high-performance waterproofing compound offered by StarShieldpaints. It is designed to provide excellent waterproofing protection for various surfaces. 

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Introducing Star Water Seal 2K, the ultimate waterproofing solution for all your construction projects. Say goodbye to water leaks and cracks with this nano-modified high-performance compound. Designed to provide unmatched protection against water damage, Star Water Seal 2K is perfect for a wide range of applications, from basements and balconies to roofs and external walls.

What sets Star Water Seal 2K apart is its advanced technology. Engineered with precision, this compound delivers exceptional water resistance, ensuring long-lasting results. No more guesswork or wastage, as Star Water Seal 2K comes with precise measurement capabilities, saving you time, effort, and money.

Detailed application instructions are provided to guide you through the process, ensuring optimal results and avoiding potential pitfalls. Trust is crucial when it comes to waterproofing, and Star Water Seal 2K delivers. Formulated with the highest quality materials and rigorously tested, this compound guarantees performance and durability.

If you're interested in becoming a dealer or distributor of Star Water Seal 2K, join our network of professionals dedicated to providing high-quality waterproofing solutions. We offer comprehensive product training and marketing support to help you succeed in your business.

Don't let water damage ruin your construction projects. Choose Star Water Seal 2K and protect your structures with confidence. Visit our website at [Website URL] to learn more and place your order today. Experience the power of Star Water Seal 2K and say goodbye to water leaks and cracks for good.

Introducing Star Water Seal 2K +: The Ultimate Nano Modified Waterproofing Compound! 

  • Excellent Waterproofing

    Star Water Seal 2K + offers superior waterproofing protection by forming a seamless barrier on the surface, preventing water ingress.

  • Nano-Modified Technology

    The nano-modified formula ensures enhanced durability and long-lasting performance.

  • Crack Bridging Ability

    This compound has the ability to bridge cracks up to 2 mm, ensuring a watertight seal even in areas prone to cracking.

  • UV Resistance

    Star Water Seal 2K + is UV resistant, making it suitable for both interior and exterior applications.

  • High Flexibility

    The compound exhibits high flexibility, allowing it to withstand structural movements without compromising its waterproofing properties.

  • Easy Application

    It can be easily applied using a brush, roller, or spray equipment, making the application process hassle-free

  • Terrace and roofs

  • Balconies and decks

  • Bathrooms and kitchens

  • Basements and foundations

  • Water tanks and swimming pools

  • Nano-modified Technology

    Star Water Seal 2K+ utilizes advanced nano-modified technology, which enhances its waterproofing capabilities. This technology allows the compound to penetrate deeply into the substrate, forming a protective barrier that effectively repels water and prevents leaks.

  • Exceptional Waterproofing Performance

    The nano-modified formulation of Star Water Seal 2K+ provides unmatched waterproofing performance. It not only seals existing cracks and gaps but also has the ability to bridge future cracks that may occur due to structural movements. This ensures long-lasting protection against water damage.

  • Durability

    Star Water Seal 2K+ is engineered to be highly durable, even in harsh environmental conditions. It is resistant to UV radiation, temperature fluctuations, and chemical exposure, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, including roofs, balconies, basements, and external walls.

  • Versatility

    Star Water Seal 2K+ is a versatile waterproofing compound that can be used on various surfaces, including concrete, masonry, tiles, and metal. Its compatibility with different substrates makes it a convenient choice for different construction projects.

  • Cost-effective Solution

    By preventing water damage and leaks, Star Water Seal 2K+ helps to avoid costly repairs and maintenance in the long run. Its precise measurement capabilities also reduce wastage, saving both time and money during application.

  • Trust and Reliability

    Star Water Seal 2K+ is formulated with high-quality materials and undergoes rigorous testing to ensure its performance and durability. It is a trusted solution used by professionals in the construction industry, providing peace of mind and reliable protection against water damage.

    • Ensure the surface is clean and free from dust, oil, and loose particles.
    • Mix Part A (resin) and Part B (hardener) of Star Water Seal 2K + in the recommended ratio.
    • Stir the mixture thoroughly to achieve a homogeneous consistency.
    • Apply the compound using a brush, roller, or spray equipment, ensuring uniform coverage.
    • Allow the first coat to dry completely before applying the second coat.
    • For optimum waterproofing, apply a minimum of two coats.
    • Clean the tools with water immediately after use.


Surface Preparation: Before applying Star Water Seal 2K, ensure that the surface is clean, dry, and free of any dirt, dust, or debris. Any loose material should be removed, and the surface should be smooth and even.

Temperature: The ideal temperature range for application is between 10°C and 35°C. Avoid applying the product in extreme temperatures or direct sunlight, as this can affect the product's performance.

Mixing: Star Water Seal 2K comes in two parts - the base and the hardener. It's crucial to mix the two parts thoroughly in the correct ratio, as specified in the product instructions. Any deviation from the recommended mixing ratio can affect the product's performance.

Application: Follow the recommended application method and thickness as specified in the product instructions. Avoid over-applying the product, as this can lead to cracks and uneven surfaces.

Drying Time: Allow the product to dry completely before applying any additional layers or coatings. The recommended drying time is 24 hours, depending on the temperature and humidity.

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Is Star Water Seal 2K + suitable for both interior and exterior applications? 

Yes, Star Water Seal 2K + is designed for use in both interior and exterior applications.

Can Star Water Seal 2K + be applied on wet surfaces? 

No, the surface should be dry before applying Star Water Seal 2K +.

How long does it take to cure? 

The drying time of Star Water Seal 2K + may vary depending on environmental conditions, but it typically dries within 4-6 hours.

 Can Star Water Seal 2K + be used on vertical surfaces? 

Yes, Star Water Seal 2K + can be applied on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

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