Also known as: pin holes, pock marks, pitting, pops, pin pricks

Description :Tiny holes in the finish, putty or primer, the result of trapped solvents, air or moisture or improper surface preparation


    » Improper surface cleaning/ preparation.Moisture left on primersurfacers will pass through the wet topcoat to cause pinholing

    » Contamination of air lines. Moisture or oil in airlines will enter paint while being applied and cause pinholes during the
    drying stage.

    » Wrong gun adjustment or technique. I If application is too wet, or if the gun is held too close to the surface, pinholes
    will occur when the air or excessive solvent is released during dry

    » Wrong thinner/ reducer. The use of a solvent that is too fast for shop temperature tends to make the refinisher spray too close to the surface in order to get adequate flow. When the solvent is too slow, it is trapped by subsequent topcoats

    » Improper drying. Fanning a newly applied finish can drive air into the surface or cause a skin to form, which result in pinholing when solvents retained in lower layers come to the surface

    » Insufficient sanding or filling of pores in fiberglass substrates

    » Insufficient mixing or isolation of polyesters

    » Solvent popping that has not been sanded to smooth


    » Thoroughly clean all areas to be painted. Be sure surface is completely dry before applying undercoats or topcoats

    » Drain and clean air pressure regulator daily to remove trapped moisture and dirt. Air compressor tank should also be drained daily

    » Use proper gun adjustments, air pressure and techniques

    » Select the thinner or reducer that is suitable for existing shop conditions

    » Allow sufficient flash and dry time. Do not dry by fanning

    » Thoroughly mix polyesters

    » Completely sand smooth solvent pop pores and other defects before refinishing


    » After thorough drying of the
    affected area, sand completely
    smooth, reapply polyesters or
    undercoats as necessary and

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