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Star Cool Shield - Walls: Solar Heat-Reflective Paint

Star Cool Shield - Walls: Solar Heat-Reflective Paint

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Brand StarShield Paints
Colour White
Suitable For All kind of Roof/Terrace | Balconies & Patios | GI shed | Warehouse | Industrial roofs | Walking areas | Exterior walls | Water tanks
Included Components

9.1 L

18.2 L

Coverage 66 - 70 sq.ft/ Ltr
Coats Required 2 - 3 Coats



Transform your walls with Star Cool Shield - Walls, an innovative heat-reflective paint that keeps surfaces up to 5 degrees Celsius cooler, courtesy of its high Solar Reflective Index (SRI). Offering complete protection against sun, dust, and wind, this extraordinary product delivers unmatched benefits.

Order Now for 3 Benefits in 1 Product:

Heat Reflective: Bid farewell to excess heat.
Non-Fading: Preserve your walls' brightness and shine.
No Primer: Save money and reduce hassle.
Star Cool Shield - Walls: The Ultimate Heat Reflective Paint with 6 Magical Benefits:

Cool Coating for Walls: Nanoparticles with high reflectivity reduce heat absorption, providing excellent water resistance, even on stagnant water, and preventing blistering.
Cost-Effective: This coating is a budget-friendly solution, offering both heat reflection and waterproofing in one product, without the need for primer application.
Dust and Dirt Repellent: Nanoparticles create a smooth and compact surface, making it difficult for dust and dirt particles to adhere.
Highly Durable: Withstanding a wide range of environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures, UV radiation, and weathering.
Excellent Ageing Performance: Maintaining stability even after exposure to UV rays, thermal waves, rainfall, and atmospheric dust.
Energy Absorption: Imagine a paint that absorbs and stores energy from ambient sources like sunlight or electricity, releasing it to power household devices.
Crack-Proof Star Cool Shield - Walls:

The Solar Reflective Coating That Works:
Reduces Surface Temp up to 31°C
Saves Air-Conditioning Costs by up to 16.2%
12+ Years Long Life
As most wall coatings focus on solar heat rejection, Star Weather Shield goes beyond, reflecting heat with its highest SRI-130. Additionally, it features insulative additives and nano air bubbles acting as a barrier for remaining heat, ensuring a cooler exterior.

Energy-Saving Walls Cooling Paint:

Reflects excessive heat, keeping the surface cooler up to 18 degrees with its Solar Reflective Index value (SRI).
Colors designed to reflect excessive heat.
Your Exterior Needs Extra Protection from Sun, Dust, and Rain:

Exterior paints often fade due to UV rays and weathering effects.
Star Cool Shield - Walls remains unfaded while providing water-resistant and heat-reflective benefits.

How to Apply?

Step - 1 (High Albedo Paint): Scrub and clean the surface.
Step - 2 (High Heat Resistance Coating): Apply the first coat.
Step - 3 (Solar Reflective Coating): Apply the final coat after 4 hours.

Where to Apply:

Heat Reflective Coating: Buildings
Cool Coating for Walls: Schools
High Heat Resistance Coating: Offices
Walls Cooling Paint: Cold Storage

Ideal for Public Houses, Apartments, Hospitals, Schools, Animal Sheds, Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, Sports Facilities, Industrial Property, and Office/Warehouses.
Elevate your exterior with Star Cool Shield - Walls, the epitome of heat-reflective innovation and durable protection. Order now for a cooler, safer, and long-lasting space!

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