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Star Cool Shield - Industrial: Nano-Modified Heat Reflective & Insulating Coating for GI Sheds

Star Cool Shield - Industrial: Nano-Modified Heat Reflective & Insulating Coating for GI Sheds

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Brand StarShield Paints
Colour White
Suitable For All kind of Roof/Terrace | Balconies & Patios | GI shed | Warehouse | Industrial roofs | Walking areas | Exterior walls | Water tanks
Included Components

9.1 L

18.2 L

Coverage 37 - 38 sq.ft/ Ltr
Coats Required 2 - 3 Coats


In demanding industries, where conventional cool roof coatings fall short on metal surfaces, Star Cool Shield - Industrial steps in. Crafted for resilience against harsh elements like water, temperature variations, sunlight, and corrosive agents, this coating excels, offering unmatched durability.

Key Features:

Solar Reflective Coating: Nano-modified, heat-reflective, and insulating with the highest SRI (Solar Reflectance Index) of 130 for consistently cool roofs.
Cost-Efficient Cooling: Reflects up to 97% of heat, cutting air conditioning costs by up to 19.2%.
Water-Resistant: Excellent resistance to ponded water (up to 2.5 bar for 7 days), contributing to effective waterproofing.
Extended Building Lifetime: Provides exterior durability, UV resistance, and mechanical strain resistance, ensuring a longer roof life.
Interior Comfort: Reduces temperature for enhanced comfort within industrial spaces.
Energy-Efficient: Heat-resistant, contributing to increased productivity in a cool working environment.

Performance Highlights:

Room Temperature Reduction: Tremendously lowers room temperature by 31°C and ambient temperature by 8.5°C.
All-in-One Protection: Resists alkaline, acidic, oily, scratch, heat, water, dust, and chemical elements.

Application Areas:

GI Sheds
Cargo Containers
Tank Trucks
Marble Floors

Easy Application in 3 Steps:

Wash the Surface
Mix Star Cool Shield-Industrial A & B Parts
Apply on the Shed

Invest in Star Cool Shield - Industrial for:

Better Adhesion
Scratch & Scrub Resistance
Anti-static Property
Self-cleaning Feature

Unmatched by traditional cool roof coatings, Star Cool Shield - Industrial stands strong in industrial atmospheres, offering exceptional performance and durability. Elevate your protection standards and experience lasting benefits, energy efficiency, and substantial savings. Upgrade to Star Cool Shield - Industrial today for the ultimate in metal roof protection!

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