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StarShield- Smart Paints & Coatings

Star Thermal Shield: High-Temperature Resistant Coating for Metal - Up to 650°C Heat Protection

Star Thermal Shield: High-Temperature Resistant Coating for Metal - Up to 650°C Heat Protection

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Brand StarShield Paints
Colour Silver
Suitable For Chimneys | Ovens | Burning Stones | Turbines | House Boiler
Included Components

1 L

5 L

20 L


120-180 sq.ft

Coats Required 1 Coat


Elevate industrial equipment longevity with Star Thermal Shield - a polysiloxane-based, high-heat-resistant coating. Ideal for chimneys, machinery, and surfaces emitting heat and smoke.

Key Features:

Durability: Lasts 7-9 years on GI Sheets, Iron, and Stainless Steel.
Heat Resistance: Withstands temperatures up to 1000 degrees. Perfect for Heat Resistant Paint up to 650°C for Metal.

Easy Application: Air-drying, single-coat application for simplicity. Excellent for Heat Resistant High Temperature Paints.

Anti-Corrosion: Guards against rust and corrosion. A top choice for Advanced Corrosion and High Temperature Protection.

Color Options: Choose from six colors to suit your aesthetic. Offering High-Temperature Resistant Coatings at the Best Price in India.



Thermal reflective protection
No need for baking; dries with air
Acts as a thermal barrier
Suitable for various surfaces
Guards against excess heating. Ideal for High-Temperature Coatings for Steel and High-Temp Anti-Corrosion Coating.
Provides High-Temperature Metal Coating and serves as an effective Thermal Barrier Coating.

How to Apply:

Clean Surface
Apply Star Thermal Shield
Let it Dry

Where to Apply:

Burning Stoves
Heat Exchangers
Turbine Housings
Chimneys, Ovens, Barbeques, or any High Heat Area. Perfect for Heat Resistant Paints for Metal.
High Heat Supply Piping
Automobile Equipment, Exhaust Systems, Firearms, Hardware
Industrial Chimneys, Restaurant Chimneys, Engine Exterior, and more...
Revolutionize your equipment's resilience. Order Star Thermal Shield now for unmatched heat protection.

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