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Star Fabric Shield

Star Fabric Shield

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With Star Fabric Shield, protect your fabrics.

Star Fabric Shield is a versatile solution that provides superior protection and enhances the durability of various fabric surfaces, shielding your fabrics from stains, water, and wear. This advanced coating combines the benefits of an invisible barrier, long-lasting protection, and environmental friendliness, ensuring maximum protection for both residential and commercial applications.

Key Features:

**Advanced Nanotechnology:** This technology utilises cutting-edge nanotechnology to create a robust and invisible barrier that repels water and stains while preserving the fabric's natural look and feel.

**Enhanced Fabric Durability:** This feature strengthens fabrics, making them more resistant to wear and tear. It extends their lifespan and helps preserve their original appearance.

**Long-Lasting Protection:** This product offers durable, long-term protection, minimising the necessity for frequent reapplications and saving time and money on maintenance.

**Eco-Friendly Formula:** The formula is crafted from environmentally friendly ingredients, providing a safe and sustainable solution for fabric protection.

**Easy Application:** This product's design ensures professional results through a simple and hassle-free application, eliminating the need for specialised skills.


**Enhanced Protection:** This product provides effective protection against stains, water, and wear, ensuring long-lasting durability and performance.

**Energy Efficiency:** By incorporating features such as **Energy Saving Coating**, **Star Fabric Shield** helps reduce energy consumption. This is particularly beneficial for outdoor fabrics exposed to direct sunlight, similar to the advantages of "Highest SRI Paint" and "Summer Cool Paint.

**Durability:** This feature promotes enhanced fabric durability, extending the lifespan of your fabrics and maintaining their original appearance. The product's solar reflective properties, similar to solar reflective coating, reflect sunlight away from surfaces, preventing heat build-up and reducing cooling costs.

**Environmentally Friendly:** Formulated with eco-friendly ingredients to promote sustainable practices and ensure safety, **Star Fabric Shield** meets high standards of sustainability and environmental performance, having received approval from IGBC and GRIHA.

Why Choose Star Fabric Shield:

Advanced nanotechnology formulates "Star Fabric Shield" to offer maximum protection and durability, mirroring the advantages of "Insulation Coating" and "Thermal Insulation Paint. Its invisible barrier and eco-friendly composition safeguard fabrics from stains and water, preserving their original look and feel. Additionally, its long-lasting protection reduces the need for frequent reapplications, saving you time and money.

**Thermal Insulation:** Similar to thermal insulation paint, Star Fabric Shield offers excellent thermal insulation, reducing heat transfer and maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures. This feature is particularly beneficial for outdoor fabrics.

**Solar Reflective Properties:** The product's solar reflective properties achieve the **highest SRI value of 130**, similar to the highest **SRI paint**, reflecting sunlight away from surfaces, preventing heat build-up, and reducing cooling costs.

Protect your fabrics with Star Fabric Shield and experience enhanced fabric durability, long-lasting protection, and environmental friendliness. **Star Fabric Shield** is a **BEE Certified ESCO**, ensuring compliance with energy efficiency standards. Order now and enjoy fabrics that stay clean, dry, and durable for longer!

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