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Star Heat Shield: Nano-Coating for Glass - Anti-Heat, Sun Control

Star Heat Shield: Nano-Coating for Glass - Anti-Heat, Sun Control

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Brand StarShield Paints
Colour Transparent, Translucent, Frosted
Suitable For Window Panels, Glass Partitions, Skylights, Greenhouses
Included Components

225 ML

930 ML


100 sq.ft/ 225 ML

400 sq.ft/ 930 ML

Coats Required 1 Coat


Explore Star Heat Shield, your go-to solution for advanced Nano-coating on glass, offering anti-heat, sun control, and heat blocking benefits. Reduce temperatures by up to 31℃ with this cost-effective, DIY solution, blocking IR and UV rays without compromising visibility.

Key Features:

Cost-effective alternative for sun control
DIY application for heat reflective and heat-resistant benefits
6 Magical Benefits, including a 19.2% reduction in AC costs
Improved interior comfort and increased efficiency

Why Choose Star Heat Shield?

High-quality, nanotechnology-based thermal coating
Patent-pending technology for enduring heat protection
Available in Transparent, Translucent, and Frosted finishes
Scratch-resistant coating with a simple DIY application

How To Apply:

Pour, spray, roll – all with our user-friendly DIY kit

Where to Apply:

Window Panels, Glass Partitions, Skylights, Greenhouses

Transform your space with Star Heat Shield – the transparent anti-heat glass coating designed for solar reflective and thermal benefits. Shop now for a cooler and more comfortable environment!

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