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Star Cool Shield Plus: High Albedo Heat Reflective Cool Roof Coating with Complete Waterproofing

Star Cool Shield Plus: High Albedo Heat Reflective Cool Roof Coating with Complete Waterproofing

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Brand StarShield Paints
Colour White
Suitable For All kind of Roof/Terrace | Balconies & Patios | GI shed | Warehouse | Industrial roofs | Walking areas | Exterior walls | Water tanks
Included Components

9.1 L

18.2 L

Coverage 54 - 56 sq.ft/ Ltr
Coats Required 2 - 3 Coats


Introducing Star Cool Shield +, the groundbreaking 2-in-1 solution that transforms your space into a cooler and waterproof haven. This cutting-edge cool roof coating, fortified with complete waterproofing capabilities, is crafted to deliver exceptional thermal insulation, heat reflection, and water protection. It stands as the ultimate choice for elevating the longevity and comfort of your surfaces, featuring cool roof coating, high albedo paint, heat reflective properties, thermal insulation paint, solar reflective technology, sun control, and heat-resistant attributes.

Key Features:

Reduced Temperature: Star Cool Shield + efficiently lowers surface temperatures by up to 31 degrees Celsius, ensuring a consistently cooler interior environment.

Dust Repellent: Highly dust repellent, the coating maintains a fresh appearance, and rain effortlessly washes away any accumulated dust.

Highly Waterproof: Leveraging advanced technology, Star Cool Shield + guarantees absolute waterproofing for roofs and walls, providing robust protection against dampness, acid rain, soapy water, and other harmful liquids.

Reduced AC Costs: By reflecting up to 97% of sun rays, Star Cool Shield + minimizes heat absorption, resulting in a cooler ambiance and an impressive 19.2% reduction in air conditioning costs.

Protection and Durability:

The membrane of Star Cool Shield + offers complete protection from heat, water, and dust, preventing leakage with a flawlessly seamless roof.

Formulated with non-yellowish UV Block Technology, it withstands mild acid rain, soapy water, and other liquids.

With a commendable lifespan of 12+ years, Star Cool Shield + serves as a durable solution, safeguarding your home from the adverse effects of dust, water, and the sun.

Performance Calculation:

Significantly reduces room temperature by 31°C and ambient temperature by 8.5°C.

Provides a cost-effective solution for waterproofing, effectively reducing the load and cost of air-conditioning.


Scrub and clean the surface thoroughly with a metal brush.
Wash the surface with plenty of water until it stops absorbing.
Apply two coats horizontally and vertically with a roller, brush, or airless spray.

Safety and Versatility:

Acts as a safety coating, offering excellent protection against foot traffic and reducing premature wear on the substrate.

Remarkably, Star Cool Shield + can be reapplied without removing the previous coating, making it an excellent choice for refurbishment.

Technical Specifications:

Boasts high tensile strength and elongation.
Demonstrates excellent aging performance.
Maintains stable elongation even after rigorous accelerated aging tests.
Upgrade your surfaces with Star Cool Shield + — the ultimate cool roof coating with complete waterproofing, delivering a cooler, more comfortable, and longer-lasting environment for your home or building. Order now for the strongest solution to beat the heat and stay dry!

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