Also known as: striping, banding, shadowing, flooding,
floating, misting, precipitation, blooming, bloom, bleaching

Description : Occurs mainly in metallics, when the flakes float together to form a spotty or striped appearance.


    » Unsuitable thinner or reducer for application conditions
    » Materials not uniformly mixed
    » Spraying too wet
    » Holding spray gun too close to work
    » Uneven spray pattern
    » Incorrect spray PSI or gun setup
    » Low shop temperature
    » The flash time of the basecoat was too short before the clearcoat was applied
    » Coat affected by wet or humid air/ weather.


    » Select the thinner or reducer that is suitable for existing shop conditions and mix properly. In cold, damp weather,use a fasterdry solvent

    » Stir all pigmented topcoats - especially metallics - thoroughly

    » Use proper gun adjustments,
    techniques, and air pressure

    » Keep your spray gun clean (especially the needle fluid tip and air cap) and in good working condition

    » Do not spray metallic basecoats too wet

    » Keep spray gun parallel to panel

    » Follow application recommendations
    per the TDS


    » Allow color coat to set-up and apply a drier double coat or two single coats,depending upon which topcoat you are applying

    » If the defect is only visible after the application of the clear, thoroughly dry the clear, sand and refinish

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