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Energy Services Companies - ESCO

If you are looking to reduce your energy costs and improve your environmental sustainability, then StarShield is the perfect partner for you! StarShield is the world's 1st & only certified ESCO - Energy Service Company Paint company empanelled with BEE : Bureau of Energy Efficiency

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Choose The Surface from where you want to reduce heat

Looking to reduce heat? Keep yourself Cool by Choosing the right surface from where you want to reduce the heat with heat proof paint for roof. Click the required surface below to gain the experience.

  • Best thermal reflective paint in India



    Surface: Concrete / Tiles / Bricks
    Type: Water Based
    Coverage: 54-56 sq.ft./ltr/coat
    Required Coat: 2-3
    Durability: 8+ years with Star Paint Shield+
    Color: White
    Size: 1 ltr/3.6 ltrs/9.1 ltrs/18.2 ltrs

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  • Reduce-Ambient-Temp upto-8.5 Degree-Celcius-Highest-SRI-Coating Roof-Heat-Protective-Solar Reflective Cool-Coating-for-Walls


    STAR COOL SHIELD-WALLSSurface: Exterior Walls
    Type: Water Based
    Coverage: 32-54 sq.ft./ltr/coat
    Required Coat: 2-3
    Durability: 10+ years with Star Paint Shield+
    Color: Available in different colors
    Size: 1 ltr/3.6 ltrs/9.1 ltrs/18.2 ltrs

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  • Best heat resistant paint for roof in India


    Type: Water/Solvent Based
    Coverage: 54-56 sq.ft./ltr/coat
    Required Coat: 3-4 Durability: 5+ years with Star Paint Shield+
    Color: White
    Size: 9.1 ltrs/18.2 ltr

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  • Best reflective roof paint in market


    Type: Solvent Based
    Coverage: 400-440 sq.ft/ltr/coat
    Required Coat: 1
    Durability: 12+ years
    Size: 225 ml/930 ml

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  • Best solar reflective paint in hyderabad


    Surface: Plastic/Concrete
    Type: Water Based
    Coverage: 54-56 sq.ft/ltr/coat
    Required Coat: 2-3
    Durability: 10+ years with Star Paint Shield+
    Color: White
    Size: 1 ltr/3.6 ltrs/9.1 ltrs/18.2 ltrs

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  • Best heat reflective paint for roof in Banglore


    Surface: Metal
    Type: Solvent Based
    Coverage: 74-76 sq.ft/ltr/coat
    Required Coat: 2-3
    Durability: 15+ years
    Color: White
    Size: 18.2 ltrs

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Laminate to Protect

  • Indo-European Technology

  • Exports in 45+ Countries

  • Presence in 6 Countries

  • In house Research & Testing

  • Trust of 5000+ National & Global Clients

  • Range of 100+ revolutionary products

  • Filed more than 15 claims in National & Global Patents

  • Registration & Certifications with 40+ global organizations

  • Follows global standards like ASTM (American), EN (European), ISO & AOAC Test Standards

  • 50+ research articles published in international journals

  • World’s 1st Paint company to be certified as an ESCO (Energy Service Company)

  • Featured as a world’s Top 10 key player in 40+ world's leading Market Research reports.

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Certification and Recognition

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  • Best Terrace cooling paint

    Data Bridge Market Research

    StarShield is among other domestic and global players covered in the Thermal Barrier Coatings Market report over the forecast period of 2021 to 2028

  • go-to choice for those seeking high albedo paint with the highest Solar Reflectance Index (SRI)

    Market Research.Biz

    StarShield is Among the top-notch market players under Global Solar Heat Ray Shielding Paint Market category

  • High Albedo Paint for Maximum Reflectivity


    The report titled StarShield as “Insulating- Paint and Coating Market: Global Historical Growth(2012-2016) & Future Outlook (2017-2027) Demand Analysis & Opportunity evaluation”

  • Superior Heat Reflective Coating, Advanced Heat Insulation Coating

    Data Intelo

    StarShield Technologies feels glad to be kept among the global leading manufacturers & suppliers of Water- Resistant Paints Market

  • Functions seamlessly as Cool Roof Paint, Energy Saving Coating for All Environments

    Verified Market Research

    StarShield is the only Paint Company from India selected as a Top 10 Key players in the world market in the field of Solar Heat-Ray Shielding Paint

  • perfect blend of advanced technology and sustainability.

    Dhirtek Business Research

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Star Heat Shield: Driving Comfort with Our Latest Innovation

"Discover unparalleled comfort with Star Heat Shield, a cutting-edge solution designed to enhance your car's interior by effectively blocking and reducing heat with best heat reflective and heat resistant paint. Enjoy a cooler, more comfortable driving experience, all while protecting your car's glass surfaces with this innovative technology."