Also known as: acid rain, bird droppings, spotting, pitting, acid marks

Description : Discolored spots in the pigments of the topcoat.
Clearcoat losing transparency and/or gloss. Etching marks visible in the topcoat.


    » Contamination from agricultural and horticultural sprays. The problem is seasonal/regional and affected by bird/insect population. The organic etching is accelerated by intensified heat, such as from sunlight. Time and temperature dramatically increases concentration of acid. The damage is more visible on dark or darker colors due to heat absorption.

    » Acid rain is the term given to rain containing effluents from chemicalindustries,manufacturing, and particularly power stations. Some of the effluents may be acidic or alkaline in the
    presence of water (e.g. sulphur dioxide will dissolve in water to give an acidic solution, whilst a mixture of cement dust and water is strongly alkaline).


    » Avoid contaminated atmosphere
    » Frequent washing is the best
    safeguard against unseen contaminants
    » Maintain and protect the topcoat of the vehicle using a nonsilicone containing polish or wax
    » Immediately clean and neutralize the contamination with mild detergent and
    water before etching starts


    » Wash the vehicle very carefully with detergent and water using a brush and lots of water to neutralize the contamination

    » Rub affected areas with rubbing
    compound and polish

    » In severe cases, sand the areas needed and be sure the craters are sanded away completely before using primer
    and topcoat

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