Also known as: off shade, mismatch fading, off color

Description : The color of the repaired part differs from that originally on the object being painted.


    » The appropriate formula or alternate was not used
    » Incorrect spray gun setup or psi
    » The original finish has changed due to weathering or exposure
    » Incorrect application technique
    (especially applicable to metallics), too wet, too dry, poor hiding or coverage
    » The color was not well stirred
    » Variations of the OEM finish


    » Check color for variations and use the right formula
    » Stir colors thoroughly
    » Polish adjacent panels to check the color
    » If necessary, follow the instructions of our color guide to match the old finish color
    » Use the spraying technique which better adapts to the required color matching
    » Spray a test panel for color verification
    » Blend the color into adjacent panel(s)


    » Sand and refinish after having chosen the right formula, tinted the existing formula and/or set up the repair for a blend.

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