Description : A series of deep cracks resembling mud cracks in a dry pond. Often in the form of three-legged stars and in no definite pattern, they are usually in the color coat and sometimes the undercoat as well.


    » Excessive film thickness. Excessively thick topcoats magnify normal stresses
    and strains which can result in cracking even under normal conditions.
    » Materials not uniformly mixed
    » Insufficient flash times between coats
    » Incorrect use of additives
    » Substrate is too hot or cold
    » Use of coats incompatible
    » Omitting the activator when mixing a 2K product


    » Don’t pile on topcoats. Allow sufficient flash and drying time between coats
    » Do not dry by fanning with compressed air from the spray gun
    » Stir all pigmented undercoats and topcoats thoroughly
    » Carefully read and follow
    recommendations in the Technical Data Sheet(s). Additives not specifically
    designed for a color coat may weaken the final paint film and make it more sensitive to cracking


    » The affected areas must be sanded to a smooth finish, or in extreme cases removed down to the bare metal, and a full refinish system reapplied

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